Exposing the Jilly Juice Experiment

#JillyJuice kills! Consuming too much salt is dangerous!

Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly is conducting one of the weirdest online nutritional experiments via social media that I have ever witnessed and I can no longer stay quiet about it. This blog will be dedicated to exposing the experiment and discussing all pseudo science that has been produced as a result of the experiment.

Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly is currently conducting this experiment. Jillian claimed to be working on her thesis (yet she has no educational background, is not enrolled in a University, and possesses no medical degrees or reputable licensing or certifications) and She also claims to be writing her book. She is also simultaneously gathering data from her “guinea pigs” aka people who join her group  and are willingly consenting to her protocol and guidelines.

jillyguineapigs It is important to note that scientifically speaking, there has been no verifiable evidence presented within her group.  The “Data” that is being collected is harvested off of a private facebook group/”study” which has over 30,000 accounts subscribed. There is an active community with people who are allegedly doing the protocol.   Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly openly admits that the members of the group are “guinea pigs” but promises they “will not die” from doing her protocol.

Although there are many graphic photos withing the group, there has not been any verifiable scientific evidence presented to suggest that  any of the claims  Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly are possible.

It should be noted that in order to join Jillians group the users must answer a series of questions, promising not to question her protocol or ask for her credentials.

Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly often discusses unpopular topics such as candida and parasites. She believes that candida and parasites are the the root cause of all ailments and even believes that aging is a side effect of having these parasites inside of us. Jillian claims to be challenging the foundation of the current western medical paradigm. She further states to have created a one size fits all protocol that allegedly has the ability to cure every disease known to man including things like autism and down syndrome.


These are very bold claims. Making embolden statements is a common behavior from Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly.  Despite all of the claims and statements she has made, Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly  admits that she will not debate anyone on her protocols healing ability. She also will ban anyone who questions her credentials and protocol.

Before divulging further into the  Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly experiment/ saga,  we should touch briefly on the core of her philosophy: the existence of parasites, candida, and harmful invaders that impact human bodies and our health. The other major aspect of her protcol involves her own recipe which is 1 tbs salt + 2 cups cabbage chopped + 2 cups water,  ferment for 3 days and than consuming up to a gallon per day. Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly describes this recipe as a fermented lacto-bacillius drink that should be consumed to help the body heal. It is important to note that Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly fermentation recipe is very questionable and doesn’t follow any proper nutritional recipe.

Parasites,worms,and harmful invaders are very real!  There are more than 12 different types of worms aka parasites that can infect human bodies and impact our health in many different ways. If you are curious about the different types of parasites that can infect the human body, feel free to spend some time researching the topic.  There are several different ways to get rid of a worm or a parasite. If you think you have one, it is best to go to a dr! Do not attempt to heal yourself of a parasite based on the Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly protocol.

Parasites and worms are often spread through feces and other bacteria. This is why practicing proper hygiene and sanitation  is so important  in preventing the spread of disease especially when dealing with food, garbage, and human waste. Washing hands after using the restroom is a huge factor in how to prevent the spread of parasites and diseases!  There was a time when societies did not respect the theory that bacteria and parasites were spread so easily. In fact, the doctor who created the hypothesis that hand washing was crucial to prevent disease was first mocked by his peers and put into a mental asylum.


Candida is another unpopular topic that is not discussed often. Candida is a type of yeast that exists within the body and there are theories that over time it can become overgrown and lead to a compromised immune system.  Candida is a vast topic and there are many more educated people who can speak intelligently on the topic. I highly suggest taking the time to watch this 30 minute documentary regarding candida and human health. I also want to share this study that I found that suggests that candida can have an impact on mental health.


Being realistic about parasites, harmful invaders, and candida is important because it can allow for our modern society to progress and improve for the better. For example, doctors and nurses used to not wash their hands before surgery and now they do! Progress exists! The purpose of this blog is not to debunk the existence of candida or parasites. The purpose of this blog is to discuss in full detail every aspect of Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly’s experimental protocol and expose the true dangers of salt poisoning.

A lot of the progress that has been made within the holistic and nutritional community regarding how to heal and combat candida yeast over growth has been carved through the use of probiotic foods and lacto fermented foods. Lacto fermented foods are enriched with probiotic cultures which are beneficial to the body. Saurkraut is a common fermented food although there are many other types of fermented foods.  There are even probiotic beverages like Kombucha, Jun, and Kefir that are often low on the sugar scale and high in the probiotic count!

Ancient civilizations often fermented their foods and had a deep understanding about the nutritional benefits within fermented foods. I believe it is important to realize that if salty fermented cabbage water was truly a panacea for healing than ancient cultures and even modern civilizations would have long discovered this recipe for health and longevity.

Fermenting foods is a unique way of preparing food and it allows for the food to be enriched with pro-biotics.  There are many books and online groups dedicated to discussing fermentation and how to heal the gut through food.

I have found a lot of major variation from Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly’s personal recipe (1 tbs salt+2 cups chopped cabbage/kale+2 cups water fermented for 3 days) compared to traditional recipes. The dangerously high salt content is the biggest concern regarding her recipe. The second issue is the length of time that her recipe is allowed to ferment. Lacto Bacillius does not start to cultivate until day three and should be allowed to continue to cultivate for up to 14 days. Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly encourages users to refrigerate the protocol after 3 days which would essentially slow down the reproduction rate of the lacto bacillus culture which could end up making the end product have a very low lacto-bacillius count.

There has been no evidence produced to show that Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly has ever tested the lacto-bacillus count of her recipe. There has been no verified lab tests that show any proof that her recipe is a live or active culture.

A respectable experiment or study would include verifiable lab reports that displayed any active cultures. This is a common practice found in “live” or “raw” Kombucha drinks that are sold in super markets. They often list the different types of cultures found within the drink etc.

For those of you who are interested in proper fermentation and how to cultivate probiotic foods, please look into more resources and books before jumping into Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly experiment.

Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly recipe is 1 tbs salt +2 cups chopped cabbage + 2 cups water fermented for 3 days and she encourages users to work their way up to a gallon of this mixture per day. She also has stated that users should be on this protocol indefinitely. That is a lot of salt consumption!

Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly insists that her recipe is safe, especially if you use pink Himalayan salt for its high mineral content. She believes that certain salts are safe to consume in high quantities. While, I must agree, that pink Himalayan salt has a high mineral content, that does not mean that it is safe to consume large quantities of it!

Please keep in mind that this recipe is currently being recommend as “Safe” for  children/babies by Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly. Salt is an important factor to our diet but as with everything, moderation is key! However, salt should be introduced into childs diet slowly.   It is totally possible to consume too much salt and cause salt poisoning. There are many different symptoms that can occur from consuming high amounts of salt. I have found a few different tragic stories that show that children are highly susceptible to salt poisoning which can cause seizures and lead to death.  Seizures is one of the larger side effects that can occur from too much salt consumption.

In hypernatremia, the level of sodium in blood is too high. Hypernatremia involves dehydration, which can have many causes, including not drinking enough fluids, diarrhea, kidney dysfunction, and diuretics. Mainly, people are thirsty, and they may become confused or have muscle twitches and seizures.


I will dedicate an entire post about the true risks of salt poisoning and include a more detailed explanation describing the symptoms and side effects of salt toxicity.

Here is a brief list of symptoms/side effects that can occur from consuming too much salt:

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS:The GI effects of oral salt administration include swollen tongue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and thirst. Neurologic effects include thirst, irritability,weakness, headache, convulsions, and coma. Cerebral edema may occur, and muscle tremors may be noted.

It is important to note that there have been countless side effects/symptoms reported from the Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly experimental group. The side effects/symptoms occur soon after consuming the protocol.  Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly INSISTS that the side effects/symptoms are “healing symptoms”. She believes that the side effects are a result of “purging” parasites and “killing off” the candida. She compares the side effects/symptoms that have been reported to a  herxheimer reaction. She also claims that when the uncontrollable diarrhea will not dehydrate you. In her group, uncontrollable diarrhea is a desired effect and often referred to as “waterfalls” by Jillian and her “guinea pigs”.

A quick google search brings up the definition of a herxheimer reaction as: The Herxheimer Reaction is a short-term (from days to a few weeks) detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms.

This is a great example of Jillians Psedo Science where she makes dangerous claims. Diarrhea that is described as “peeing out the butt” will most certainly dehydrate a person. Especially if the person does this on a regular and consistent basis. I believe that there may be some underlying mental health factors that are influencing Jillian and her obsession with “purging her body” via salt consumption which creates a desired effect “waterfalls” aka uncontrollable diarrhea.

Many people who try the experimental protocol have reported extreme symptoms and have even claimed to feel like they are dying. The reports clearly show that many people are suffering severe reactions to the protocol. For example, a very common side effect is feeling “cold” “freezing” and “lips turning blue” as a result of the protocol. I believe an ethical scientist would have noted these symptoms and correlated them to the amount of salt. Also, please note, that none of the willing participants seem to be disclosing their experiences or even that they are ingesting Jillian’s recipe to their doctors or any medical staff; which means ostensibly that none of the “healing” effects or damaging effects can be verified. This further proves my point that this is a dangerous experiment that is not producing any legitimate data.

Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly is over confident in her belief that her protocol is detoxing the body. She has not approached the experimental study from a scientific viewpoint. Due to the fact that a major ingredient in her protocol CAN cause toxicity within humans. It would have to be a notable potential contributing factor in the side effects/symptoms reported from the people who have done her “experiment”.

I will dedicate an entire post to debating the herxheimer reaction claims that Jillian has made. Although I do believe I have established a clear argument against the claims that the side effects/symptoms reported are not likely from “detox”.

Despite having major side effects ranging from vomiting,uncontrollable diarrhea, head pain, convulsions and seizures reported to her over 3 months  Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly INSISTS that this protocol is safe for children and babies.This is what is most dangerous about the Jillian “Mai-Thi” Epperly experiment. Despite the fact that there is no professional/medical oversight, people are being encouraged to use this salt based protocol on non- consenting children.

Additionally, Jillian Mai-Thi is openly advocating that her experimental protocol (1 tbs salt+2 cups cabbage+2 cups water) is safe for babies. She insists that her recipe is safer than formula for babies. Jillian Mai-Thi is convinced that mothers are making their babies sick with breast milk, because the programmed parasites and harmful invaders are allegedly passed to the child via breast milk. Jillian has encouraged mothers to use her protocol on children by any means possible which includes using the recipe in the ears, bellybutton,or as an enema. I am saddened to write that children are being subjected to this experimental protocol and harmed by it, which I will discuss in-depth at a later date.

I truly believe that Jillian Mai-Thi Epperly is advocating the use of a dangerous protocol and it is becoming apparent that even children are being injured as a result of Jillians protocol. In this post, I have attempted to discuss in full detail the very obvious issues that can be found when researching Jillian and expose the true dangers of salt poisoning. At a later date, I will begin to discuss other aspects of Jillians protocol.







12 thoughts on “Exposing the Jilly Juice Experiment

  1. these people are consuming 6900mg of salt per batch (2 cups) of this stuff. Some are consuming 10 cups or more a day. Thats 34500 mg a day of salt. This is absolute insanity.

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  2. I found the group very interesting. But right away I could tell this woman is not right in the head. Salt poisoning destroys brain cells. I suspect that is the problem with her and her guinea pigs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i don’t believe she actually drinks the stuff herself, she’d be dead. She is simply a corpophiliac who enjoys tricking people into shitting their pants and posting about it on facebook.


  3. Yes I want to know how to expose her…. I was stupid and fell into this…. In my head it was like that’s an awful lot of salt… I did it for three and a half days…. About 7 Cups… I directly asked her why everything was tasting salty water you name it and had no flavor except salt. The tip of my tongue and my lips burn. Within a day in the house she took me off her sight…. And still I was stupid… I made a new batch did it for 3 days but only drink one cup…. Felt really sick… I did some research… And found that she is killing us with salt… The only good part about it was the fermented kale and or cabbage… That is the only thing that is making your body better… My dry skin cleared up my itchy head cleared up… But it wasn’t because of the salt… Please people somehow someone has to stop this woman she is killing you slowly… I did not know she was recommending this to children this is horrible…. It is okay to cleanse your body for a week with fermented food but not that much salt.. hey how’s it going kale or cabbage with no more than two teaspoons of salt pink salt… Someone needs to stop this crazy woman. I found in my research one has died and one almost. Thank you.

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  4. You really make it seem so easy together with your presentation but I to find this matter to be really one thing which I believe I would never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very extensive for me. I’m having a look forward for your next post, I will attempt to get the dangle of it!


    1. It is not easy, but it is doable. The harm that Jillian Epperly is conducting towards children provides us with the ‘stick-to-it-iveness’ that we need to keep going. The only thing that is most easy to understand is that Jillian has one goal, and it is to groom potential and maintain current “clients”. Those “clients” she now wants to protect under the guise that there will be an anonymous platform for the victims to share their (ONLY POSITIVE) stories and promote the juice perpetually.

      It is very complicated, and extensive, but someone has to expose it.


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