A Review discussing Children & Infants Subjected to Jilly Juice

#JillyJuice kills! Consuming too much salt is dangerous!


Jillan Epperly believes that her protocol is a universal recipe that in her own words can remedy everything from “a to z”. Jillian has also stated that her recipe of 1 tbs salt+2 cups cabbage + 2 cups water is safe for children and better than formula for babies. Jillian believes that mothers can pass on pathogens like candida through breast milk. JIllian has also boastfully hypothesized that her protocol can cure autism and down-syndrome even reversing facial deformities. Jillian has encouraged parents to give her recipe to children via ears,belly button,enema, or oral consumption to help fight against “programmed” pathogens that are “allegedly making people sick and are the root to all disease. Jillian admits that anyone who tries her protocol is a guinea pig, she promises that her recipe won’t kill you and she also insists its safe for children. Keep in mind, no reputable scientist or licensed medical practitioner has  studied Jillian protocol or even tested the recipe. NO scientific evidence has been presented that Jillians protocol is safe for children.

Despite dozens of reported severe side effects happening as a direct result of consuming the protocol, Jillian dangerously states that it is ok to give her protocol to children and infants. Some of the side effects that are commonly reported are: convulsions, chills, tremors, seizures, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea for hours on end, body malaise and flu like symptoms, feeling drunk and severe constipation. Another common claim is that the protocol triggers rapid weight loss.  Please note  the fact that the majority of the side effects reported within the experimental group correlate with salt toxicity. Furthermore, its a known fact that Children are very sensitive to salt. Salt can trigger seizures within children.

Jillian Epperly promotes an elimination/restriction diet and encourages people to consume unhealthy amounts of salt in order to “purge” parasites from the body. The most common side effect of Jillians protocol is reported as a “waterfall” which in medical terms is self induced diarrhoea as a result of consuming high amounts of salt. Abusing salt laxatives can lead to severe dehydration and also cause permanent damage to the bowels. I believe it is evident that JIllian Epperly is promoting a dangerous protocol that is borderline eating disordered. The desire to purge the body daily by drinking copious amounts of salt is unhealthy and no medical professional would ever recommend doing such a protocol indefinitely. (JIllian has stated that the protocol is a life long commitment and even she, herself, has not been cured by her recipe)

I am concerned that people who are uneducated and unfamiliar with nutrition or natural fermentation will be misled by JIllian Epperly’s protocol and are likely to suffer serious health consequences.

I believe that it is unethical and outright dangerous for anyone to advocate that a protocol that can trigger such horrific side effects would be OK to give to children!Furthermore, I do not believe that any reputable licensed medical professional would encourage children to be given high doses of salt to “purge” the body of toxins.

Jillian Epperly is publishing unsafe advise to parents. I am sad to say that I have collected an ample amount of data displaying children being subjected to this experimental protocol. Documentation shows people attempting to “Trick” their children into consuming “jilly juice” aka a salty cabbage water mixture.

There have been many published news reports of children dying from consuming too much salt. Just recently, a mother killed her child by giving her 1 tsp of salt. Giving a child too much salt is DANGEROUS and I Believe that children/infants are endanger as a result of JIllian Epperly making dangerous claims that its OK to give children and babies her recipe!

I want to include  a chart that displays how much salt a child can have. Include chart of jillians recipe.

Much of this content is disturbing. In light of the recent  news story exposing the enema bleach cult, I believe it is important to show some of this graphic content to raise awareness of the true dangers of this protocol. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the bleach enema cult, many of the people who performed or experienced a bleach enema reported passing “parasites” but it was later determined that it was stomach lining being passed. Some people who were traumatically given the bleach enema suffered permanent damage.

I believe it is important to report that video evidence exists of a child admitting to using the cabbage protocol and claims to have defacated/expelled worms while in the shower. To my research, no doctor ever analyzed the stool of this child so there is no way to have a conclusive statement about what the child actually expelled. Please note much of this content is disturbing.3

A blood diaper has also been presented.

A report of a seizure after using the protocol within a child has also been reported.

Despite my thorough and countless hours of investigation, I Have not found any concrete evidence that anything that has been presented within the group has been tested/approved by any licensed medical professional and quite honestly, this scares the living shit out of me (No pun intended….I aint poopin out worms yalll)

Jillian Epperly has a group that is heavily censored. Nobody is allowed to ask questions with in her group. She will not tolerate anyone questioning her credentials or education. Jillian will not debate anyone on her protocol. Her moderators often work together to groom the group into thinking a certain way by censoring posts and deleting posts. I Myself, was banned from the group after stating that I read about someone suffering severely compromised kidneys. I was also subjected to severe gas-lighting tactics for questioning the protocol and I was stalked so that someone could attack me for an opinion I hold instead of answering my questions or engaging in an open discussion.

I feel that it is important to note that one of Jillian’ moderators for her experimental protocol group have made many claims that using Jillian protocol has helped aid in healing her son of Autism. Based on my research, I would not  say that this person has provided any evidence to prove their statements. This person is now a moderator within the group and actively censors the group. It is my personal belief that Jillian Epperly is endangering children/people by allow members of her moderator team to make embolden statements without providing any scientific research. Furthermore, these moderators abuse their position to control the group and promote their own ideology.


For more information on the ideology that is supported within the JIllian Epperly group, please refer to the “pain is healing”article


Just to reiterate, there s absolutely no verifiable data that provides any proof to any of the claims made within JIllian Epperlys group. There have been no professional case studies conducted to prove any of JIllians claims. No conclusive documents proving that any true healing has happened as a direct result of sing JIllians protocol.

Most of the members within the group did not get approval from doctors or medical professionals prior to doing JIllians protocol. Reports of people seeking to “trick” their kids into drinking the recipe. Others have bribed their children with money.  I will be uploading more content to this page.










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