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To Whom It May Concern:

#JillyJuice kills! Consuming too much salt is dangerous!

My work is 100% authentic and original. I spent countless research hours on this topic.

If you would like to discuss using any of my content, please email me at:



This is a public service announcement to anyone who is confused about the research that is portrayed on this website. I am a investigative researcher who was diagnosed by Jillian Epperly and she attempted to con me into using her experimental protocols. I have compiled over 500 screen shots and many video evidence, I will be continuing to provide unbiased and fully researched content regarding the Jillian Epperly Experiment on this blog.

I am not getting paid to do this. I have no monetary incentive to provide this research. I do not want anyone to be injured or harmed as a result to a lack of understanding in nutrition and fermentation. I was almost conned by Jillian Epperly and I lived to blog about it. Everything on this website is my own original content.




5 thoughts on “Disclaimer: This Content Is Not To Be Digitally Copied Without Permission

  1. What about your story? How did she almost con you?

    Also do you have any information about the two people who apparently died while on her protocol?


    1. I almost did her protocol. I believe Jillian is a con-artist . Thats what I mean when I say she almost conned me!
      I bought all the ingredients to do the protocol and then I saw someone posting about Bruce Wilmot dying. I decided to do more research and I found out a lot of people had been hurt from drinking the recipe. Im thankful I didnt do the protocol but I helped co write the blog to get the info out about how dangerous this stuff is!


  2. Hi I am not sure what the big controversy is and I am always open to others POV and always open minded. Your expose here is pleasant for the most part but you also pleasantly violate foundation laws of chemistry and other facts you require people to dismiss altogether. Jillian is a total cowboy but hardly dangerous. What people are doing is compromising their livers which are responsible for removing 95% of body toxins via the bile (not urine) do you see this number 95%? show some respect for it. Here is another number your human body design is programmed to reabsorb 90% of that bile is a recycling effort for needed building materials, again see this number 90% and show some respect. You might take a moment to understand your ability to detox with these given numbers as taught in ALL medical schools, no one argues this. This detox cycle can happen 2-8 times per 24 hours…so this is your limited ability to detox or heal from any stress that is destroying your health or increasing the attrition rate of your RBC’s …red blood cells. When you die of Malaria you die of liver failure as your liver is overwhelmed. When you die of congested heart failure you drown because of liver failure to eliminate the edema liquid. So understand your liver is everything to detox you and to build you…killing things in your body is easy …removing them totally is a bit harder. Jillians protocol for the most part encourages elimination of this toxic bile and there is gall bladder, liver and pancreatic contractions that work to clear that enteric system …but all of this can be a shock especially when people are older because you are taking a lifetime of trash out all at once…trash that never got thrown out in 30-40-50 years because your body had too many other health agendas consuming its total bandwidth. This can mean do 5-10 enemas/colonics per day or in severe cases having a procedure called a percutaneous injection of body friendly solvents put directly in to your enteric system …done very successfully many times in NYC 15,000 or more procedures to hydrolyze (melt liquify) the garbage toxic LDL bilirubin inside you. So taking the trash out is not a joke… but its also not a mystery as all these numbers are agreed upon as are these histories. What the AMA allows for treatment has nothing to do with what is agreed upon to be true by all Chemist and researching doctors. Anyway people attempting to engage in transformative health protocols versus treating daily symptoms must understand the enterohepatic system. Jillian is a brash unapologetic bull but that is what is needed in this day of compartmentalized knowledge that has made smart people defer constantly to another. All of us are dying of the same thing…no one is unique…Jillian is making you an enzyme bomb and yes more is better and that is simple math no chemist or doctor would argue…but you must take the trash all the way out of the body or your liver will shut down and you will die. You other option is to mange your symptoms and and lose vitality and love of life as you die which is the glide path of the AMA.


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